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Introducing Their World

Here at The Playbook, we know the game has changed for our clients and industry. With this change comes the need for a new way to source insight - a way that looks for the authentic truth.

We believe that everyone is an expert in their own right and has a story to tell or opinion to share. We know brands are looking for a deep, personal understanding of their audiences to spark creativity. 

We are looking to merge the two together through Their World. A 360° immersion tool designed by us to help brands better understand the people they want to talk to.

Our aim is to build the right network to have at our fingertips which can connect clients and brand to the individuals that matter the most to them, regardless of what sector they are in. 

This won’t be in a usual focus group meeting room or through an impersonalised omnibus. Instead, it’ll be, quite simply, in their worlda space where they feel most comfortable.

Watch this space for the official launch of Their World coming soon!

Jimmy Alder
Account Manager