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Introducing the Pawbook

This month we wanted to explore some insights that we hold very dear to our heart at Playbook. As more and more people begin to return to the office this month – we’ve noticed a trend that got our tails wagging.

We put a question out to friends, colleagues and clients on what they’d miss most when returning to the office (if permitted) and while loved ones and home comforts were high on the list, the most surprising response was around a more four-legged variety.

The New York Times, along with many other media outlets have been talking about the rise in pet anxiety as owners look to return to work. And in our research all the contacts we spoke to also said that they had seen their pets behaviour and mental health improve as a result of staying at home with them during lockdown.

At The Playbook, we pride ourselves on enabling our clients to create game changing communications, campaigns, and content that move the world but as the world is not moving in the way it used to we decided to do something a bit different.

So for a limited period of time, we've launched The Pawbook!

The Pawbook is the most dog-friendly agency in town with everything you need for the ultimate doggy day care including treats, toys and specially trained-up doggy entertainers (moonlighting from their day jobs as specialist creatives, publicists and strategists).

So next time you take a visit into London we’d encourage you to pay us a visit! While we focus on delivering your next game-changing campaign, you can be sure than the canine in your life is also getting the 24/7 attention that they have become accustomed to.

Returning to work should be a walk in the park, and now with Pawbook it can be!

Leigh Ireland
Head of Creative & Content