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'Elis' - our Fake Influencer

Influencers – everyone’s heard of them, but does everyone understand them?

The rise of influencers has taken the marketing industry by storm, making people like Kylie Jenner, Logan Paul and Huda Kattan some of the most famous names on the planet.

With influencer marketing set to be worth $15 billion by 2022, there’s no doubt that influencers have changed the game for the industry as a whole.

But as the influencer industry has grown, so has influencer fraud.

A recent study claims that influencer fraud will have cost advertisers $1.5 billion in 2020 – so it’s no wonder that a recent YouGov poll shows 44% of Brits think influencers’ social media posts are ‘dishonest’.

At The Playbook, we know the importance of influencer marketing, and how impactful it can be, through some of the game changing successes we’ve had for our clients using influencers.

Our expert Playbook Digital division have run campaigns utilising micro, macro and nano-influencers to inspire action, increase awareness and impact results.

We also know the pitfalls of fake social media profiles designed to dupe brands into collaborating under false pretences.

In fact, to show just how easy it can be, we proved it.

Introducing ‘Elis’, an influencer with a secret…

Will Atkins
Community Manager